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Our plan

We are busy rolling out the network right now, with the backbone complete at the end of 2019. Please check back here or sign up for updates to learn about chargers near you.

Our highway chargers will be in existing service precincts with 24 hour amenities. We’re committed to a clean, safe, convenient and dependable experience.

Each site features at least two ultrafast chargers with CCS2 (up to 350kW) and CHAdeMO (up to 50kW) connectors available. Our 350kW ultrafast chargers will enable a suitably equipped vehicle to charge in 5 to 15 minutes.

While you are charging you can leave the vehicle, grab a coffee or quick meal, and use the amenities. Multiple payment options are available. No subscription is required to use our chargers.

Our sites are close enough to other ultrafast charging locations to enable intercity travel for affordable electric vehicles. Our goal for the highway network is to ensure no driver needs to travel further than 75 kilometres between 350kW ultrafast chargers.

Do you have a great site? contact us to learn more.

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