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Go electric. Go anywhere

Our challenge

Australia is on the cusp of a transportation revolution, with electric vehicles, car sharing and autonomous vehicles bringing benefits in terms of productivity, jobs, balance of trade, energy security, clean air, health and emissions.

Drivers will be able to buy fast, fun and convenient electric vehicles with lower fuel and running costs. As the price of Lithium ion batteries falls, these vehicles will cost no more than equivalent petrol and diesel within a few short years.

The great thing about electric vehicles is that they can be charged at home using off-peak electricity or solar panels, saving you as much as 75% on your annual fuel bills.

What’s holding us back? Well, not everyone can charge at home, and Australians love a week-end getaway, road-trip or quick top-up. Businesses also need fast and convenient charging for all-day duty cycles. Ultrafast public charging is essential. We need to be able to charge quickly and conveniently wherever we go.

Evie is building a nationwide open access ultrafast electric vehicle charging network. Evie warmly welcomes co-investors, brand partners, governments, existing charger owners, and future charging site hosts to join us on this grand mission. Contact us if you want to participate or learn more.

Our plan